Thursday, July 17, 2008

Allyson's new website

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Allyson's new website. Starting tomorrow, we are going to update it. So stay tuned!



Adam and Aimee Freeman said...


We are really looking forward to seeing your new posts. You are the most beautiful girl we know and we look forward to following your stories. We love you with all our hearts - Mommy and Adam

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sweetie!! great blog-spot! We sent you a message earlier but it did not show up. We are learning!! Love your picture with that cute little frown! We can't wait to read your stories. I will show the folks at work your site and Brandon's to show them how smart you guys are! I bet you will be an awesome teacher when you get big! Can't wait till you and Brandon come visit again so the girls can catch the biggest fish this time!! Love you bunches!! xoxoxo Nama, Papa, & Casey Roy

Anonymous said...

Hey Allyson!!!
It's Hannah and Jacob!! Awesome blogspot!! Can't wait to see you. Take care of your little sister!

Bye for now!

H and J

Anonymous said...

Just a dedicated reader from Cincinnati! I pray for your little sister every day! I'm sure Kayleigh knows when you visit her. She will look up to you and your brother and want to be just like you! Great site you have started for yourself!

The Andwan Family
Cincinnati, Ohio

samuel said...

Hi Allyson,

What a great blogspot!!! You and Adam did a good job! Can't wait to read more. You are going to be the best big sister to Kayleigh, I can tell by your picture.

Take care, hope to see you at Pymatuning!!

Love you,

Great Aunt Karyn & Goofy Great Uncle Scott

Margaret said...

hey allyson,
I got your blog off Kayleigh's and you are so cool! Kayleigh is soooooo lucky to have you. Is there some way I can follow your blog; I would like to very much.
See ya later...:)

Clara said...

WHAT UP ALLYSON!!!!!!!!! its clara yo! :D im awesome on the internet btw xD ME TAKE DOWN ALL U SUCKERS! :P