Friday, July 25, 2008

My Weekly Update

This week we went over to my Daddy's friends house to help them move. We helped them pack up some stuff and put them in boxes. After we packed up a lot, Daddy took us to the pool and we played all afternoon. We made water balloons and were throwing them at Daddy. It was a lot of fun. When we got to Mom's house, I played on the computer. I played with my webkins online and now I am playing a new game that is like managing a spa. They have hot tubs, showers and other kind of things. Once you build up enough money, you can buy a new spa to grow your business.

Last night we did a magic show and made Brandon dissapear. You can see the video on his website. We also went to see Kayleigh last night and I got to touch her. I touched her arm and she liked it. I can't wait until she comes home.

Today we are going back to Daddy's, but we will be at Mom's all weekend. I am sure we are going to do some fun things and I will try to record them so I can put it on the blog.

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

Hi Allyson! Love your blogspot! I sent you a message before-but I don't see it now! Love you bunches! XOXOXO Nama, Papa, Casey Roy

Anonymous said...

You guys sure sound busy. I have been reading Kayleigh's story and enjoying you and your brother's posts as well!
You are a terrific big sister! Take care, Leslie from CT.

Grandma and Papa G said...

Hey Ally,
You are doing a great job on your blogspot. Papa and I enjoy reading your updates - keep them coming. Only 2-days until Pymatuming - can't wait - we are going to have so much fun!! Did Adam read you Aunt Dottie's E-mail about talent night? We will have to come up with something fun.
Love you to pieces,
Grandma and Papa G

Judi English and Uncle John Wojtowicz said...

Florida says HI Miss Allyson. You and I haven't met, but when you went to Ohio you met my gradson John Michael and Uncle John (who looks alot like PaPa Yash). I am so glad to see that you have startd a blog. That is soooo cool. We are praying for you, your brother, your sister, and your Mom and Dad. Love, Judi

Sarah said...

Hi Allyson,
My name is sarah and i live in New Zealand. I read Kayleighs blog and i just saw that now you have one of your own. cool! so i thought i would check it out and leave you a note to say hi!

Anonymous said...

hollo my name is chrissey i am sorry about kayleigh. my mom was crying when she found out about kayleigh. so i heard u have a webkinz i do to i have an email not shure if u do but my webkinz is cutiechristin & my email is
well i have been praying for u. i know that the greif of kayleigh's death will touch our hearts forever.

with love all ways,
your friend and sister in christ.

chrissey g. b.

Anonymous said...

hey allyson, it me, robyn, i got bord at home so i desided 2 blog u. :) oh!...... =^.^=......='w'= kitty faces! im soooo randomly bord! lol. do u hav a facebook, or something? by the way, did u delete van's comment? cuz i dt see it. wat did he say? and wat did rachel and gracie tell on u guys about? blog me on mi step-dad's E-mail! : answer! lol see ya at school tomorrow!((srry i used it as someone elses, i just wanted u 2 see it))